6 Things to Check Before you Book a 4×4 car in Uganda 

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Renting a car in Uganda is an easy task to do provided you know what you need and what’s involved to get one. Several operators offer this service and tourists from various parts of the world enjoy it. You get a car at an agreed price and visit any destination you admire in the country. The pearl of Africa has no shortage of allures to appreciate. If you desire to be one of them, please be sure to know about these points highlighted below before you go on to confirm a car for your Self-drive holiday in the pearl of Africa. It is an added advantage which can help you plan well your road trip adventure of a life.

Delivery & Pickup location

To start with the point where you will find the vehicle on the first day of the rental. Car delivery is very possible at the Airport. If this is what you really like, you should boldly contact Entebbe Airport car rental and receive the 4×4 vehicle direct in the parking area of the Entebbe Aeroport. For those who arrive late in the night, operators don’t like to come at the Airport in the late night hours as it’s more frustrating for the company worker to connect back to his or her home area. It may also be hard for you to drive late night to a place you’re going for the first time. There is an alternative to use Google map, but generally driving at night is often not safe. You never know what can happen.

So, you’re advised to book a hotel in Entebbe town or Kampala, then the car is delivered there in the morning hours. You as well get in touch with Entebbe Airport Express to offer you a ride in a taxicab from the Aeroport to your hotel at an affordable fee. This transport service is cheap and available 24 hours since the Aeroport is also open 24 hours. Drivers are always dressed in uniforms, friendly and welcoming. He will receive you with a smile and later proceed to the car in the parking area. In case you are delaying at immigration don’t hesitate to update the reservationist. He or she can easily coordinate with the driver who is waiting for you. When you move out of the terminal, the next step is to look for your name. There are always many people standing with posters that showcase different names. So, your task is only to look and select your name. He will be the person readily waiting to take you away from the Aeroport.

For travelers who are already within or staying in Kampala city and its suburbs, it works better if you contact Car rental Kampala. The operator provides great 4×4 cars within Kampala and other nearby cities. No need for you to pick the car, they bring it direct to your location. You can be in Munyonyo, Muyenga, Buziga, Naguru, Ntinda, Namugongo, Kiwatule, Najjera, Kololo, Lubaga, Kajjansi, Lubowa and more.

After the rental period, you’re free to drop off the Vehicle at the Airport or some area within Kampala and Entebbe. Share the pickup time of the vehicle in advance such that the person coming for it is there in time. From the capital, you are free to reach other regions of the nation, some interesting places like Jinja, Fort portal, Mbarara, Lake Mburo, Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, Mbale, Gulu to mention but a few.

Cars for rent in Uganda 

Car rental companies in Uganda mainly provide SUVs for hire. This is because these vehicles are highly raised from the ground. This makes them perfect to reach even areas with potholed roads. The list includes the 4×4 Land cruiser Prado, Toyota Rav 4, Land cruiser V8, VX and the Nissan hardtop. For a small group of 7 – 8 people, there is a Safari van for you.

These vehicles are well facilitated and in good mechanical conditions.  Before they are provided, technicians first inspect them to ensure that everything is on point. This does not guarantee that it won’t breakdown. It is a machine and once it fails along the way, the company is always available to response by getting a nearby mechanic to fix the issue.

There is an alternative for those who love to camp. Car providers in Uganda use the Land cruiser Prado or the V8 to establish a rooftop tent car. This cost friendly package includes the car with a rooftop tent and camping gear. The tent is fixed at the top of the vehicle and it has ladders you use to access it after setting it up for shelter. The option is somehow less expensive and more flexible.

Car rental rates

The cost to rent a vehicle in Uganda depends on the type of the car and length of the rental period. The smallest and cheapest car is at 45 USD per day and this is the Toyota Rav 4. When you are taking it for long term, you get it at 40 USD per day without fuel.

The other jeep is the land cruiser Prado. It is hired out at 65 USD for short term and 60 USD for long term. The Land cruiser V8 goes for 80 USD every day. It is a bit very expensive and consumes a lot of fuel. It is not a car to recommend for a person who prefers to save something in his or her pocket. The safari van is available at 70 United States dollar every day. 

Rental terms & conditions 

There are terms and conditions that govern the car rental business in Uganda. It majorly focusses on the responsibilities of the operator and hirer, insurance, fuel terms, recklessness, penalties in case you breach the rules, driving time, restricted areas, extra costs, delivery and pick up destinations. To be issued the vehicle, you must be positive to the agreement and willing to go by them.

On the first day, you get a hard copy of these rules for you to properly read through and understand everything. After, you are required to sign on this document. When you decide to sign the agreement, make sure to follow all the rules as it is indicated. Breaching of these terms, may lead to tough penalties on your end.

Driving rules & Age limit 

Uganda has strict driving rules that include no driving while talking on phone, don’t drink and drive, avoid over speeding, follow speed limit sign posts and road signs, no over loading, the vehicle should have all the vehicle taxes needed by the government, go by the traffic lights especially when you are driving within the city.

If you are found breaching these rules, you either pay a penalty or go to the police custody. Moreover, for someone to drive in Uganda, you must be 20 years and above with a valid driving license. If all is well, then nothing will limit you from having a successful ride.

Best Car for group travelers

For those who are traveling in a group of more than 15 people, there is no car that is better for you than a coaster bus. You can choose to take two safari vans, but traveling in one vehicle as a group is always more thrilling.

Several people choose to rent a coaster bus Uganda for various functions such as a group safari tour, corporate event in Kampala, conference meetings, CSR, wedding parties and a lot more. This car is big enough and carries up to 28 passengers. It comes with a professional local driver who operates on a daily basis. Don’t expect to take it for self-drive in Uganda.

Moreover, its adjustable seats have belts and well-spaced right next to a window. It comes with a working air conditioning, an electronic fridge for cooling your drinks, and great tires. You are able to reach most parts in Uganda with no hustle.

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