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My TV Uganda – Live Channels

About this app

Let us introduce to you our free app for watching Uganda Tv channels live any time, any where.
It’s simple and well arranged in categories such as:- news, sports, religious, entertainment, music, kids.

Any Payments Or Subscription Needed?
No, with this app you have not to worry about any payments or monthly subscriptions to watch tv since it’s completely free of charge.

Over 60 TV Channels:
✔️ Salt TV
✔️ Sanyuka TV
✔️ Bukedde TV 1
✔️ Bukedde TV 2
✔️ Urban TV
✔️ TV East
✔️ TV West
✔️ NBS Sports
✔️ Star TV
✔️ Wan Luo TV
✔️ Spark TV
✔️ Dream TV
✔️ See TV

✔️ Magic 1 TV
✔️ Ark TV
✔️ Nyce TV
✔️ Gugude TV
✔️ Delta TV
✔️ Sat7 Kids
✔️ Fort TV
✔️ U24 TV
✔️ KTV
✔️ Cartoon TV
✔️ Channel 44
✔️ Top TV
✔️ Baba TV
✔️ Salaam TV
✔️ Spirit TV
✔️ KS TV
✔️ Moon TV
✔️ Rest TV
✔️ BM TV
✔️ Manifest TV
✔️ Flash TV

✔️ ABS TV and others

Also Watch International TV Channels For News, Live Football Streaming, English Premier League, Champions League and Other Major Football Leagues.

Remember that faster internet connection makes awesome tv watching experience with our Blu TV Uganda App.

Thanks, Enjoy.

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