CENSUS: Dog bites enumerator in Namutumba

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Patrick Isabirye, one of the enumerators deployed in Namutumba district for the ongoing National Population and Housing Census, is nursing injuries after being attacked by a dog while carrying out his duties.

Reports indicate that the incident occurred when Isabirye visited the home of Madina Nabirye, a resident of Kangulumo B village in Namutumba Town Council.

Isabirye was taken to the hospital following the attack, which left him with injuries. However, according to a story published by the Daily Monitor, he has not yet received facilitation from the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), and he is now stuck without money for treatment and vaccination against rabies.

UBOS Deputy Executive Director Godfrey Nabongo stated that they have not received a report about the incident in Namutumba yet.

“I’m yet to receive a report on this incident in Namutumba, but UBOS is ready to take care of this person because he is our staff,” Nabongo said, adding that the affected person needs to formally write to UBOS detailing the cost of treatment, and the bill will be cleared.

The 10-day census exercise will conclude on May 19th, except for Kampala, Wakiso, and Mukono, where it was extended by one day due to technical glitches experienced by some enumerators on the first day.

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