CENSUS: Man who claims to be Jesus refuses to be counted

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Police in Wobulenzi Town Council, Luwero District, have arrested a self-proclaimed individual claiming to be Jesus and some of his followers for refusing to participate in the ongoing National Housing and Population Census (NHPC).

The man identifies himself as Jesus Navas Vera and serves as the leader preacher at the King of Star Glopper Eden Church.

John Ojokuna, the Luwero District Police Commander, stated that the self-proclaimed Jesus and his followers went into hiding when enumerators arrived at their premises.

During interrogation, he stated that he did not want to be counted, while his followers expressed disbelief in the exercise.

The police mentioned that the group will face charges for defying the government program as stipulated in the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) Act.

Meanwhile, as of Monday, UBOS reported that 30% of the approximately 8.7 million households across the country have been covered in the first three days of the exercise.

The counting will continue until May 19.

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