Chef Angelo’s Flavourful Feast Wins Hearts at Singleton Meets at Chef Versus

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Salama Springs was set ablaze on Saturday evening as two master chefs, Chef Hannat and Chef Angelo, went head-to-head in a battle of culinary proportions at the fifth edition of the Singleton Meets at Chef Versus event.

It was Chef Angelo’s flavourful menu that led him to victory earning an impressive 148 points while Chef Hannat’s menu, though equally striking, garnered her 71 points from the guests.

Chef Angelo’s dishes which included shrimp & avocado pesto, chicken tuscan, and an opera tart for dessert captured the hearts and palates of many, securing him his landslide victory.

“I’d like to thank everyone who voted for me today, I am grateful. It was an honour and pleasure to have been a part of this amazing experience. Tonight’s preparations were smooth sails plus I had an incredible team who supported me behind the scenes,” he shared following his feat.

Catherine Ndungu, Marketing and Innovations Director at UBL presented Chef Angelo with the desirable title of Singleton culinary champion while event host Jasi Kasami applauded Singleton for their commitment to embracing culinary experiences and the undeniable effort they invested into creating this unforgettable evening.

Beyond the culinary showdown, guests also appreciated the seamless pairing of each dish with the world’s leading single malt whisky; The Singleton. Attendees were treated to an immersive experience as they were served with a whisky to pair with their dishes at every turn, leaving many nodding in approval that The Singelton is indeed a great meal companion.

“We love to see how guests appreciate food pairing, as they immerse themselves in our world. The Singleton Meets at Chef Versus events are our primary approach to introducing consumers to a world of whisky delight, and tonight we got to interact with guests and show them exactly why exceptional food deserves an exceptional whisky companion,” said Christine Kyokunda, Brand Manager Scotch and Reserve.

What stood out most was the refreshing honesty of the attendees’ reviews. The blunt critiques mingled with praises of each chef’s creativity, artistry and skillsets, made the evening more fun and meaningful.

It was evident that guests appreciated the opportunity to voice their opinions and engage in spirited discussions about the culinary creations before them.

Guests were treated to live soulful melodies played by BlackRoots Academy of Soul, who serenaded them with classics and renditions of popular songs.

The evening concluded on a high note, leaving food lovers and whisky enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the next edition of the Singleton Meets at Chef Versus event.

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