Church of Uganda pays off Church House loan

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Equity Bank has pledged to continue its strong collaboration with the Church of Uganda and other religious groups for mutual benefit.

Speaking at the Uganda Martyrs celebrations in Namugongo on Monday, Equity Bank Executive Director Elizabeth Mwerinde Kasedde expressed gratitude for the Church’s support and affirmed the bank’s commitment to working with the Church at all levels.

The Church of Uganda Archbishop, Dr. Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu, presented a symbolic cheque to mark the completion of the credit repayment advanced by the bank for the construction of Janani Luwum Church House. Archbishop Kaziimba praised the strong relationship with Equity Bank and encouraged Christians to embrace the bank’s products.

“I want to announce here that the Church House is now fully owned by the Church of Uganda. Thank you Equity Bank for supporting us, ” said Archbishop Kaziimba.
Last month, Equity Bank donated UGX 30 million for the Martyrs Day celebrations and sponsored the inaugural national Uganda Martyrs Choir competition.

Equity Bank supported the Church of Uganda by providing a mortgage covering 70 percent of the construction costs for Janani Luwum Church House, with the Church contributing the remaining 30 percent. The Church borrowed USD 17 million from Equity Bank for the project, which became fully operational in 2015.

“ This was a dream that the church had cherished for close to 50 years. I am glad that Equity Bank took the bold step to support the church realize this dream,” said Mwerinde.

Mwerinde invited other dioceses to adopt Equity Bank’s development model to improve their followers’ livelihoods. She emphasized the bank’s mission to empower communities economically and socially through financial services, helping individual Christians achieve their personal dreams.

“If we can realize a dream of $17 million (Shs65 billion) together, why can’t we help our followers and our members in our parishes also realize their dreams? Equity bank is here to help the church give dignity to its followers through extending financial services that economically and socially empower communities,” explained Mwerinde.

The Janani Luwum Church House project, originally planned in 1966, was only realized through the partnership with Equity Bank in 2015, contributing to the Church’s mission and clergy pensions.

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