Former MP aspirant trolled for ‘bragging’ about constructing a makeshift wooden bridge

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Constructing a bridge might earn you praise in most cases, but for Dr. Protazio Begumisa, a former Ndorwa East Member of Parliament aspirant, it has instead drawn trolls on social media.

Yesterday evening, through his known handle (formerly Twitter), Begumisa shared a photo of himself and a few residents ‘commissioning’ the newly repaired bridge.

“People in Ndorwa East can now use the Rubira bridge, which I recently repaired,” he captioned the photo, which has since gone viral on the platform.

Many social media users are trolling the MP aspirant for what they term as seeking cheap popularity. Some have chosen to be humorous and sarcastic.

Jim Spire Ssentongo remarked, “Kindly add a billboard indicating the name of the company that constructed it, the engineer, and the generous sponsor. What a marvelous job!”

“Congratulations! You’re the best leader in the world, Americans can’t build such a bridge, you’ve set the bar too high. All of East Africa is behind you. Once again, thumbs up,” @MwalimuEric commented.

“Campaign mood. MP-to-be actors,” @MozeSserugo stated.

@Benje256 said, “It’s becoming hard to defend politicians.”

“This is beyond laughable. I’m literally in tears of joy. What a masterpiece you’ve created out of a bridge. You’re not appreciated enough,” @CoachSunShinee said.

Kasujja Ibrahim Kato commented, “What an achievement, never seen such a long-lasting bridge!”

The photo and ensuing comments have sparked a lively debate on social media about the nature of political gestures.

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