Frustrated man sets his car on fire after police delays its release

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Suudi Baliddawa, a businessman in Amuru district, set his own car, registration number UBE 852E, on fire after becoming frustrated with the police, who he says have been holding his car since early May after he was involved in an accident.

Suudi, a resident of Kawempe, was involved in an accident in Kanyanya, Kampala, where he hit and injured a woman.

It is reported that Suudi rushed the victim to Mulago Hospital before he went and reported himself at Kanyanya Police Station.

He was, however, detained but later released on bond after he agreed to enter into negotiation with the victim’s family.

Suudi agreed to pay a total of Shs3 million, of which he has so far paid Shs2 million.

Being a businessman who works in Amuru district at the Elegu border, he resumed his work but was arrested again at the border and his car was held on orders of the traffic police officer at Kanyanya Police.

Since then, he has been pushing for the release of his car, but he claims that the traffic officers have frustrated him, hence deciding to set it ablaze.

Phillip Mukasa, the District Police Commander (DPC) of Amuru district, said they are hunting for Suudi to explain why he decided to get his car from the public parking where it was being kept and set it on fire.

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