How Police foiled robbery attempt at Equity Bank Soroti Branch

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Police in Soroti are detaining two security guards affiliated with SGA Security Company in connection with an attempted robbery at the Equity Bank Soroti branch.

The two suspects held by the police include a security guard and his supervisor associated with a private security firm.

The attempted robbery reportedly occurred in the early hours of the morning when assailants purportedly attempted to use a ladder to gain entry into the bank. However, law enforcement swiftly intervened, summoning both the police and the UPDF.

It is reported that the suspects fled the scene after failing to access the banking hall.

Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson, stated, “No one was hurt, and no property or money was stolen. A security guard and his supervisor are undergoing interrogation as part of our investigations.”

Equity Bank management has confirmed that normal business operations have resumed.

“No property or lives were damaged or lost during the incident. Security agents, led by local authorities, are presently investigating the incident. Normal banking services have resumed,” Equity Bank stated in a brief release.

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