How the US sanctions issued against Speaker Among will affect FUFA boss Magogo

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With the sanctions issued by the US government on Thursday against Speaker of Parliament Anita Among and her husband Moses Magogo, the FUFA president is now ruled out of attending the 2026 FIFA World Cup, which will be hosted in the USA, Canada, and Mexico as he’s ineligible to enter the US.

Though the sanctions do not implicate Magogo in any violations, the FUFA boss is included on the list due to his wife’s alleged involvement in corruption tied to her leadership of Parliament.

Magogo’s ineligibility to enter the US has raised concerns about how he will coordinate with international football organizations FIFA and the Confederation of African Football (CAF).

FUFA has yet to comment on the sanctions, but sources close to the organization say that emergency meetings are being held to discuss the implications and potential next steps.

Sanctions are deliberately imposed to cause financial hardship for the targeted individual. They not only deny entry into the sanctioning country but also allow for the seizure of any assets held by the sanctioned person in that country. Furthermore, they prevent the sanctioned person from engaging in transactions with businesses in the country, including banks. Any attempt by the sanctioned individual to conduct business with other individuals, business entities, or countries will result in frozen or intercepted funds until others cease to engage in transactions with the sanctioned individual.

Sports Lawyer Allan Mulindwa says they warned Magogo, who was once suspended for two months by FIFA in 2019 after he was implicated in the illegal resale of 2014 FIFA World Cup tickets, not to join Parliament, questioning how he would balance both politics and sports administration.

According to Mulindwa, the sanctions will make it very difficult for Magogo to lobby in some countries. However, he says they will petition FIFA to look into the matter.

“We are going to contact FIFA about the US sanctions on Hon. Moses Magogo, and they must make a decision,” he said.

Emmanuel Kirya, a lawyer at KBW Advocates (formerly Kwesigabo, Bamwine Walubiri Advocates), says sanctioned individuals have the right to request the revocation or variation of sanctions.

“An individual who believes they do not meet the criteria for sanctions or are no longer eligible to be on the sanctions list has the right to request the revocation or variation of their designation. They must provide relevant verifiable evidence supporting their request for why their designation should be varied or revoked, alongside a completed Sanctions Review Request Form,” Kirya explained.

He added, “If satisfactory evidence is presented, the US can vary, revoke, or suspend such sanctions placed on an individual and must take appropriate steps to publicize the variation, revocation, or suspension of the sanctions.”

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