I&M Bank celebrates Mother’s Day with donations to expectant mothers at Nsambya Hospital

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I&M Bank Uganda demonstrated its commitment to maternal health and women’s empowerment by donating 500 mama kits and eight emergency trolleys to Nsambya Hospital in commemoration of this year’s Mother’s Day. The whole package donated was worth 42.4 million shillings.

During the event, the bank also showcased the I&M Free SACCO Account, a new service specially crafted for women in business. This initiative offers women entrepreneurs access to savings and loans of up to Shs100M to foster business growth, all without requiring collateral.

I&M Nsambya 8: Robin Bairstow, CEO I&M Bank Uganda noted that the bank is committed to making tangible differences in communities and enhancing health care services.

Speaking at the medical institution, I&M Bank Uganda CEO Mr. Robin Bairstow noted that the generosity they have shown through the hospital donation exemplifies their commitment to making tangible differences in communities and enhancing healthcare services, particularly for expectant mothers.

“At I&M Bank, we value the vital role that mothers play within our communities. As we celebrate Mother’s Day, we stand tall in our efforts to stand by those mothers who require support, reinforcing our pledge to enhance the lives of women and other vulnerable groups in our society,” Mr. Bairstow said.

“This donation represents our earnest endeavor to foster improved maternal health and bolster the welfare of both mothers and their newborns within our local community,” he added.

I&M Nsambya 6: Dr Andrew Ssekitoleke, CEO Nsambya Hospital expressed gratitude stating that the donation will greatly alleviate the burden on mothers.

Dr. Andrew Ssekitoleke who is the Chief Executive Officer of Nsambya Hospital expressed gratitude, stating that the donation will greatly relieve the burden on mothers who will access the items free of charge.

“The future of maternal healthcare is in partnerships, and this generous donation from I&M Bank will significantly alleviate the burden that some mothers have been enduring.

I&M Nsambya 3: Assumpta Nabawanuka, Clinical Director at Nsambya Hospital takes the I&M Bank executive members on a tour of Mother Kevin Ward.

“Contributions like these are invaluable in ensuring continued support for mothers in need,” Dr. Ssekitoleke said.

Assumpta Nabawanuka, Clinical Director at Nsambya Hospital, thaked I&M Bank for the timely support extended to the hospital.

I&M Nsambya 2: Assumpta Nabawanuka, Clinical Director at Nsambya Hospital during the event at Nsambya Hospital.  

“This donation will be instrumental in assisting financially struggling mothers who may even face challenges in acquiring basic necessities,” Nabawanuka remarked. “When you lessen the burden from a mother, you’re essentially lifting a burden from an entire family,” she added, emphasizing the ripple effect of such support on the wellbeing of families in need.

The 2022 Uganda Demographic Health Survey reported significant improvements in maternal and infant mortality rates. The Maternal Mortality Ratio decreased from 336 to 189 per 100,000 live births, while the infant mortality rate decreased from 43 to 34 per 1,000 live births.

I&M Bank executive members: Robin Bairstow, CEO and Annette Nakiyaga Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications pose for a photo moment with the staff members at St Francis Nsambya Mother Kevin Ward after the donations.

These positive trends signify progress in maternal and child health outcomes in Uganda. Additionally, initiatives such as the recent donation exercise by I&M Bank Uganda, providing essential support to pregnant mothers at Nsambya Hospital, contribute to the ongoing efforts to improve healthcare access and outcomes for mothers and children across the country.

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