IPSOS Uganda Releases WAVE II National Audience Measurement Survey Results

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IPSOS Uganda, one of the leading market and social research companies, is thrilled to announce the launch of the WAVE II National Audience Measurement Survey Results.

Speaking at the launch of the results, Ms. Virginia Nkwanzi, Managing Director at Ipsos Uganda and Director of Public Affairs, Sub-Saharan Africa at Ipsos Public Affairs, stated that the National Audience Measurement Survey Results will offer brands, advertisers, and content creators a more precise and reliable understanding of their audience demographics and engagement patterns, helping them make better-informed decisions regarding media use and national demographics.

“The new National Audience Measurement Survey Results utilize the latest global industry-standard audience measurement practices, featuring advanced data collection methodology and modeling that delivers significantly more granular data compared to previous methods,” said Virginia Nkwanzi.

By implementing this robust National Audience Measurement Survey, IPSOS seeks to empower stakeholders with unparalleled insights into their audiences.

“The new National Audience Measurement Survey Results will allow brands, advertisers, and content creators to target their campaigns with greater efficiency and effectiveness, providing a better understanding of the changing Uganda demographics and competing media landscape,” said Virginia Nkwanzi.

The new Chairperson of the Uganda Advertising Association (UAA), Mr. Rommel Jasi, was ecstatic about the new report: “As an association that uses data to make strategic decisions, brands and advertisers can now better tailor their campaigns to reach the most relevant user segments, maximizing their return on investment.”

The Uganda Advertising Association is a key stakeholder for IPSOS, aiming to serve, protect, improve, and preserve the interests and standards of Uganda’s advertising industry players (clients, agencies, media, and creatives) through thought leadership, training, research, partnerships, stakeholder engagements, and lobbying.

David Balikuddembe, the current President of the Uganda Marketers Society (UMS) and the Secretary-General of the African Marketing Confederation (AMC), stated that IPSOS had come a long way in collaborating with key stakeholders to improve the methodology of the National Audience Measurement Survey.

David, a researcher by training and profession, mentioned that the methodology, developed by a cross-section of stakeholders in the media industry, would enhance user experience: “The improved understanding of user demographics and preferences allows marketers to personalize content, advertising, and targeting, leading to a more engaging and enriching experience for users of the National Audience Measurement Survey Results,” said David Balikuddembe, UMS President.

Dr. Innocent Nahabwe, Chairperson of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), mentioned that the initial National Audience Measurement Survey lacked consensus regarding methodology, data review, and results, which IPSOS managed to address using a multi-industry team of experts in the process of developing the results.

“We want to thank IPSOS for their inclusive approach, allowing all key players to contribute to the data collection and review process. These insights will be valuable for both advertisers and our internal media teams as broadcasters strive to deliver the most relevant content and experiences for Ugandan audiences,” said Dr. Innocent Nahabwe.

Carolyne Wanyonyi, Media Manager for Audience Measurement at IPSOS Uganda, stated that the release of the WAVE II National Audience Measurement Survey Results was a dedicated effort towards continuous improvement and innovation in audience measurement: “We will continue to refine our system and explore new technologies to provide even deeper audience insights in the future for the betterment of our media and advertising industry,” said Carolyne Wanyonyi.

The National Audience Measurement Survey Results provide media, advertising, and marketing professionals with valuable insights into the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities shaping the industry’s landscape.

Various experts and stakeholders in the media, advertising, marketing, and communications fields were consulted during the development of the National Audience Measurement Survey Methodology and initial results.

As a leading information services provider, IPSOS is dedicated to equipping organizations and businesses with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions and make a difference in a rapidly evolving business environment.

“We urge all advertisers, marketers, communicators, content creators, media owners, and media buyers who want to understand how to use national audience measurement surveys to utilize this report,” continued Dr. Innocent Nahabwe, NAB Chairperson.

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