Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago flown to India for spinal surgery

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Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago is en route to New Delhi, India, for medical treatment for a herniated disc that has caused him pain for some time.

Lukwago says that after several tests, doctors at Nairobi Hospital in Kenya recommended spinal surgery.

“On a medical journey to New Delhi, upon referral by several neurosurgeons & other physicians to have specialized Anterior Cervical Disc & Fusion surgery to remove the herniated disc that has bothered me for over 2 months with excruciating pain & tingling in the back & upper left limb,” said Lukwago.

This is the fourth time Lukwago has been flown out of the country for medical reasons. In 2020, the Lord Mayor was admitted to Nairobi Hospital after being diagnosed with acute anaphylaxis, which persisted during treatment.

In 2021, he was flown to Kenya for further treatment days after collapsing during a requiem mass for the late Kampala Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga.

Earlier this month, he was admitted to Nairobi Hospital where he underwent treatment for spinal ailments before being recommended to go to India for specialized treatment.

At Matooke Republic, we wish Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago a quick recovery.

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