Man scams teachers of Shs35 million, promising them promotions

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Police in Arua have arrested one Victor Aja Adame, aged 43, a resident of Galuga Bukaya Village, Katabi Town Council, for allegedly scamming staff of Logiri Girls SS of Shs35 million after presenting himself as working on the orders of State Minister for Higher Education, Dr. John Chrysostom Muyingo.

It is alleged that in September 2023, Adame went to the office of the headteacher of Logiri Girls Secondary School and claimed that the minister had sent him to look for qualified teachers who are not on the government payroll, as well as those deserving promotions to the position of head teacher.

He further stated that the top four students in A-Level would be offered government sponsorship at any public university.

The headteacher, Lillian Apio Tak, welcomed Adame and, after his introduction, called for a staff meeting so that the information could be relayed to the staff.

The suspect defrauded Shs1 million from each of the 35 victims, including 31 teachers, three nurses, and one lab technician of Logiri Girls SS, under the pretext of registering them as government workers.

After collecting the money, the suspect’s phone went off, prompting the victims, through their headteacher, to report the case. The police swiftly started a manhunt for Adame until they arrested him.

The suspect will be charged with impersonating a Ministry of Education staff and obtaining money by false pretenses.

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