Minister Mao set to wed longtime fiancée Beatrice

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The Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Hon. Norbert Mao, is set to tie the knot with his longtime fiancée, Beatrice Kayanja.

The development was confirmed by Mao, who posted about how the friends of his fiancée planned her bridal shower. However, the minister did not reveal exactly when the wedding will happen, but we can reliably confirm that it will be happening soon.

“So last week, Bea’s friends decided to treat her to a surprise bridal shower, and my job was to keep the secret and deliver her to the venue. The fun part was me acting more surprised than the one who was genuinely surprised,” said Mao in a post he accompanied with photos of the bridal shower.

Beatrice Kayanja.

In February this year, Mao was formally introduced by Beatrice Kayanja to her parents.

The Kukyala ceremony took place at Beatrice’s parents’ home in Najjanakumbi, and Mao was accompanied by Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa, Mbarara North MP Robert Mwesigwa, family members, and other friends. In Buganda culture, the Kukyala is a function in which a man intending to marry a girl or woman pays a visit to her paternal aunt to formally begin the process of introducing himself to the family.

It is now no surprise that Mao and Beatrice are in the process of walking down the aisle.

Meanwhile, Beatrice, who is the Research Assistant of the Democratic Party (DP), returned to Uganda in 2020 to contest for the Kampala Capital City Authority Lord Mayorship but was locked out of the race by the Electoral Commission for failing to present her citizenship credentials.

Regarding her marriage to her UK-based husband, Martin Kayanja, and the father of her children, Beatrice petitioned the High Court Family Division in 2022 seeking to dissolve her marriage. The case was assigned to Lady Justice Ketra Katunguka Kitarisibwa, and it is yet to be concluded.

On the other hand, Mao’s 16-year marriage to Naomi Achieng Adong was dissolved by the High Court (Family Division) in 2019. Mao had three children with Achieng.

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