Minister Muhoozi explains why Luzira Prisons must be relocated

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Minister of State for Internal Affairs, Gen. David Muhoozi, has said that a formal motion will be introduced in Parliament to determine the relocation of Luzira Prisons to make way for the construction of a five-star hotel.

Speaking before Parliament on Wednesday, Muhoozi presented a statement stating that the dilapidated prison, built in the 1920s, is facing strain caused by the growing number of inmates and staff, which now stands at 8,790 and 2,653, respectively.

Muhoozi presented three options to address the situation, starting with renovations and expanding the current Luzira facilities at a cost of approximately Shs400 billion.

He added that the other option is relocating the prison at government expense while retaining the land and facilities at Luzira for other purposes.

“The last option is relocating Luzira Prisons to another site, with an estimated cost of Shs934 billion to facilitate effective custody, rehabilitation, and reformation of offenders at the cost of the developer,” he said.

However, Members of Parliament expressed their reservations about the proposals by the minister.

Hon. Asuman Basalirwa (JEEMA, Bugiri Municipality, Bugiri) voiced skepticism, stating that the relocation of Luzira Prisons is a guise to grab land. He added that the Tian Tang Group, which is proposing to construct the hotel, is blacklisted and heavily indebted.

Hon. Jane Avur (NRM, Pakwach District Woman Representative) proposed an alternative location for the hotel.

“It is time that we focus on tourism cities in this country, and Pakwach offers the best so far. We have a mass body of water there. I am proposing that the five-star hotel must go to that area so that we take development out of Kampala,” she said.

Jinja District Woman Representative, Hon. Loy Katali expressed concern about giving away prime land at no cost. “Relocating the prisons means giving out prime land for free. If the worst comes to the worst, they can sell off a few acres and reconstruct the prisons at Luzira,” she added.

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