More details emerge about attack on MP Mwijukye by machete-wielding thugs

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Police have spoken about the attack on Buhweju District Member of Parliament (MP) Francis Mwijukye by machete-wielding thugs which occurred on Sunday at Rwanyamabare Catholic Church.

According to the police preliminary report, the MP was at the church at the request of his constituents due to conflicts over the land on which the church was built.

“The Hon. MP had received a complaint from churchgoers at Rwanyamabare Catholic Church and other members of the Rwamabare Farmers Association, who claimed their church was at risk of demolition by Kamugisha Frank, a neighbor with whom they are in dispute over the church land,” said the police.

However, when the MP arrived at the church, a group of men armed with machetes and sticks attacked him and some of the churchgoers.

It was during this violent confrontation that the MP sustained serious head injuries and was rushed to Nsiika Health Centre 4 by the police for medical treatment.

“The public should know that legislators are representatives of their constituents and bear the responsibility of Parliament. Therefore, any threats of violence against legislators are attacks on the core of our democracy. These acts of impunity against our legislators will not be tolerated,” said the police, adding that they are actively investigating the matter.

Meanwhile, Mwijukye was transferred to Kampala for further medical attention last evening.

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