Ngo League celebrates win over SMACK for Match Day Two

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Season Four of the Guiness sponsored Ngo League had its matchday two take centre stage at the Kitante Sports Grounds on Sunday, April 7.

It’s still in its early days but there are signs the season could turn out the most competitive since inception. One team stands tall at the summit of the table: FC Butida, class of 2006-2011.

Their performances have earned them a coveted spot at the top, where they bask in the glow of their victories. Their attractive style of play has won them plaudits and they look like favourites this term However, lurking close behind is Team Los Bandidos, representing the class of 2000-2005 who are just as hungry for a victory this season.

Despite facing tough rivals on match day, they brought their best game to leave with maximum points, leaving no doubt that they’re a force to be reckoned with in this season’s lineup. They have organized their house and built the mentality to frustrate their opposition.

Reflecting on the day’s events, the Ian Kafuko shared his thoughts stating, “Our team is ready to take on the challenge of being at the top. We are eager to learn from our mistakes with what worked and what might have failed us and we believe this is a good strategy. We are waiting to shine even more in our upcoming matches,” he said.

Indeed, the Ngo League isn’t just about the thrill of victory but also about the pursuit of individual accolades. Players from all teams are eagerly eyeing the titles of top scorer, top assists, best performer and more. Shooters class of 2002-2007 who are the reigning champions started the season with silverware by winning the Owagage Cup, dedicated to William Owagage who played a pivotal part in starting the Ngo League.

Beyond the competitive edge, the Ngo League serves as a platform for old boys, their families, and friends to reconnect and forge lasting bonds. Yesterday’s event was to celebrate Namilyango College’s 28-05 win over St. Mary’s College Kisubi in the Central Schools Rugby League.

The post-match gatherings were headlined by Sakata Band featuring Spyda MC, Sama Sojah and Mark Da Urban, providing a perfect opportunity to unwind, mingle, and relive old memories over cold drinks of Guinness and mouthwatering muchomo.

The Ngo League Chairman Andrew Galabuzi re-echoed the league’s commitment to fostering a sense of community, friendship and valuable relationships.

“We are dedicated to nurturing the growth of the old boys league, and we’re immensely grateful to our partners like Guinness for their support which has always ensured that every moment spent at the league is nothing short of extraordinary. Their contribution ensures that each event is nothing short of exceptional, offering an unforgettable experience for all who participate,” he said.

The Ngo League returns on May 5 with a line-up of mouth-watering fixtures on the menu. The competition gets tougher as it ages. Younger cohorts remain favourites because of their athleticism but the old men of “ Ba Guy” believe experience will be key in the title race. Their mind games and tactics can take them all the way if they turn up hungry each match day according to star forward Andrew Ikopit.

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