Nina Roz hints at holding her maiden concert at Bobi Wine’s One Love Beach

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Excitement is brewing among the fans of Nina Roz, real name Nina Kankunda, as the singer has hinted at plans to hold her maiden concert.

Through her social media platforms last evening, the “Ofunira Wa” singer posted, “Nina Roz Live in Concert at One Love Beach Busabala! How does that sound?”

The post has since attracted massive reactions, with many expressing their desire to attend the show while others applauded Nina for her choice of venue, which is One Love Beach, owned by singer-turned-politician Bobi Wine.

However, some warned Nina about the venue choice, saying the police will not allow her to hold the concert as One Love Beach was allegedly banned from hosting concerts.

Nina Roz joined the music business in 2016 under Jeff Kiwa’s Team No Sleep (TNS) label, where she released her first song, “Oli Mekete.”

After barely a year with TNS, Nina Roz was signed by Boom Bark Records. She worked with Daddy Andre to make her second club hit, “Omuliro,” an Afro-Dancehall song. In 2018, she put out another single called “Olumya Banno,” which was produced by Nessim Pan Production.

In 2019, she released another dancehall song titled “Anayinama,” which was also well received by her fans.

Nina Roz left Boom Bark Records in 2020 and started working with Sure Events. Her two most recent ‘big’ singles, “Ntinka Nkutike” and “Ekyoyoyo,” were produced by Diggy Baur and Daddy Andre, respectively.

Her music catalogue is surely worth a concert. May your maiden concert plans come to reality, Nina.

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