Police arrest man who set his car on fire

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Police in Elegu have arrested a man named Suubi Balidawa, who set his car, a black Toyota Wish (registration number UBE 852 E), on fire.

Balidawa said that he set his car ablaze after becoming frustrated with the police, who he claims have been holding his car since early May after he was involved in an accident.

However, police have issued a statement explaining the situation of Balidawa’s case.

The police stated that on May 7 at 9:18 am at Muvule along Gayaza Road opposite Riham Depot, Suubi Balidawa, while driving his car from Mpererwe towards Kalelwe, knocked and injured a pedestrian identified as Nakabaliki Naome, 58 years old, who was crossing the road to check on her son who works in the building across.

After the crash, Balidawa attempted to flee but was compelled by boda-boda riders to take the injured pedestrian to the hospital, which he agreed to do.

However, on the way to the hospital, he transferred the victim from his vehicle to a hired motorcycle and parked his vehicle elsewhere to avoid being recognized at the hospital.

It is reported that Balidawa shared his contact with the victim’s son but allegedly gave a false number plate for his vehicle in an attempt to evade justice.

Later that day, the victim’s son went to Kanyanya Police Station to check if Balidawa had reported the incident, which he had not. A case was registered by Kamuhanda Edward, the victim’s son.

“The traffic officer at the counter contacted Balidawa, who claimed he was taking his sick child to Gulu for treatment. The officer instructed him to hand over the vehicle to the nearest police station, but he did not comply,” said the police.

They added, “On May 9, 2024, Suubi Balidawa reported the crash at Elegu Police Station after the 24-hour mandatory period had passed. He was advised to return to Kanyanya Police Station to follow the proper investigation procedures, which he did not do.”

On May 17, at about 7:00 am, Suubi Balidawa reported to Kanyanya Police Station following the guidance of the OC Traffic Elegu. Upon presenting himself before the OC Traffic Kanyanya, he initially denied any involvement in the crash but was subsequently detained.

The following day, while recording a statement, Balidawa is said to have confessed to providing a false number plate and accepted liability for the crash.

On May 18, he was granted police bond and given a police form to produce his driving license, certificate of insurance, and registration book within five days for inspection. However, on May 21, 2024, a video surfaced on social media showing Balidawa burning the vehicle.

He was arrested at Elegu Police Station to assist with further investigations.

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