Police arrest panga-wielding thug in Natete cash robbery video

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Police have arrested a man in the viral Natete cash robbery video. The suspect, identified as Ashraf Kiiza, an employee at Bashir Grain Millers, was apprehended on Wednesday in Rakai district where he had fled to hide.

He is currently detained in Kampala on allegations of attempted murder and robbery.

Kiiza attacked Sam Turyamuhaki on Monday at around 8 pm when Turyamuhaki walked into the cash office with a sack containing a machete and a hammer. He was overpowered by Turyamuhaki, whom he had already injured, and fled the scene.

In his statement, Turyamuhaki told the police that before the attack, he was verifying Shs8 million that had been handed to him by the owner of Bashir Grain Millers.

“A man unexpectedly entered the office carrying a sack. He pulled out a panga and hammer and started demanding the money I was counting,” Turyamuhaki told the police.

Turyamuhaki threw the money on the floor and attempted to grab the attacker’s panga but missed it in the process.

The suspect then started hitting him with a hammer and cutting him with a panga on the head and hands. Two other people tried to intervene, but he eventually escaped.

However, the Police Flying Squad arrested him on Wednesday in Rakai district. Exhibits, including the weapons used in the assault such as the hammer and panga, were recovered.

Kiiza will face charges of attempted murder and aggravated robbery.

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