Two arrested for offering Shs2 million bribe to Police Officer in Arua

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Police in Arua have arrested two individuals for attempting to bribe the new OC CID of Arua Central Police Station, Deputy Assistant Superintendent of Police (D/ASP) Kalinaki Japhar. The incident occurred on April 14 at approximately 4:30 p.m.

The two suspects have been identified as Ajikia Annet, a 28-year-old peasant from Nyio village, and Nyakuta Brian, a 22-year-old bodaboda rider also from Nyio village, Arua district.

According to the preliminary police report, the suspects, along with others who remain at large, murdered their relative Arijule Alido on December 17, 2023, along with Onzima Innocent and clan members. Subsequently, they allegedly incinerated all his possessions, demolished his house, and disposed of his body in a pit latrine. Following the heinous act, the suspects fled to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) but returned upon learning of the transfer of the former OC CID, D/ASP Maloba Moses.

They gathered a sum of Shs2 million from accomplices and, on April 12, approached the police to secure the release of the prime suspect, Onzima Innocent, who had been apprehended.

“They attempted to bribe the new OC CID D/ASP Kalinaki Japhar. Offering a bribe to a police officer to obstruct justice is a punishable offense and must be avoided. Instead, it is imperative to seek legal counsel in your jurisdiction to contest the charges against you,” stated the police.

The two suspects are presently in police custody and will be charged with bribery and murder.

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