Uganda Breweries launches the Love Scotch Affair campaign to showcase their whisky Portfolio

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Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL) is excited to announce the launch of the “Love Scotch Affair”, a two-month celebration dedicated to all things Scotch whisky.

Starting this Saturday, June 1, whisky enthusiasts across Uganda will have the opportunity to rediscover Scotch and learn the best ways to savour the beloved spirit.

The campaign was officially unveiled on Wednesday evening at a cozy outing with select media personnel at Molecule Lounge in Kololo.

At the launch, the media were treated to an experience of what to expect at the Love Scotch activations that kick off this Saturday, June 1st.

They enjoyed a comprehensive introduction to the entire Uganda Breweries Scotch whisky portfolio.

The evening was characterized with a mini mentorship session on the art of savouring Scotch, the creation of signature cocktails, and insights into the unique attributes of Johnnie Walker, The Singleton, Black & White, J&B and Vat 69.

Christine Kyokunda, the Scotch & Reserve Brand Manager at UBL, highlighted the educational essence of the Love Scotch Affair.

Head of Scotch & Reserve, Christine Kyokunda addressing the media at the launch on Wednesday. 

“This campaign is about unlearning and relearning everything we know about whisky. It’s about discovering new, fun, and exciting ways to enjoy our Scotch. I am thrilled to bring this experience to our consumers,” Kyokunda said.

“The ‘Love Scotch’ campaign will run from June 1 through to July, coming to life in some of Kampala’s most exclusive bars. We invite everyone to join us with their friends and family to experience whisky like never before,” Kyokunda added.

Robert Nsibirwa the UBL Marketing Manager Spirits, also reiterated the essence of the Love Scotch Affair and why it is important.

Marketing Manager Spirits, Robert Nsibirwa speaking at the launch on Wednesday.

“Our mission with this campaign is simple yet profound: It’s about exploring new, fun, and exciting ways to enjoy our beloved spirits. So, whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a curious newcomer, the Love Scotch Affair promises something extraordinary for everyone. Hence our invitation to you to walk with us, to explore, and to celebrate the versatility and richness of Scotch whisky,” he said.

The Love Scotch Affair is inclusive of all whisky brands within the Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL) portfolio. Single malt enthusiasts can look forward to The Singleton experiences, while fans of the distinctive notes of Black & White whisky will also be catered for. It will also have J&B and VAT 69 included, to cater to all whisky lovers’ pallets.

The campaign will kick off this Saturday and will go to various bars, restaurants, and lounges across Kampala.

Thrones, Tapas, Alchemist, Stone Haven, the Terrace, Paradigm, Izumi, Noni Vie, Laventi, X-Hub, Kenji’s, Legends, Shisa Nyama, Nexus, Olives, Riders, Banana Bar, Molecule and Cask, are some of the confirmed hangouts for the Love Scotch Affair activations.

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