Uganda sends Engineers to Rwanda to benchmark how to build an international stadium

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Minister of Sports Peter Ogwang has revealed that a team of engineers from the Ministry of Works and Transport and technical personnel from the National Council of Sports are in Rwanda to benchmark the newly renovated Amahoro National Stadium in Kigali.

Over the weekend, Rwanda unveiled its newly renovated 45,000-seater capacity stadium, the first international stadium in the country that fulfills FIFA (World Football Association) requirements.

The Amahoro Stadium, which has been under facelift since last year, includes the main stadium with the football turf, a 1000-seater indoor stadium, Paralympic gymnasium, and training facilities for football, running track, handball, volleyball, and beach volleyball.

While meeting the Education and Sports Committee of Parliament, Ogwang said that the Amahoro Stadium is crucial to benchmark as Uganda prepares to start construction of Hoima City Stadium, which will be used in the 2027 AFCON, co-hosted by Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. The said stadium will be constructed by Summa International Construction Company Inc of Türkiye.

“I have a team that has gone to Rwanda to conduct due diligence for the new AFCON project, specifically the Hoima City Stadium,” said Ogwang.

He added, “I visited Rwanda last year, and I appreciate the high-level expertise required to undertake such projects.”

According to Ogwang, Namboole, which is under renovation, is not going to be Uganda’s main host stadium for the 2027 AFCON.

“When we talk about AFCON 2027, some of you may think it’s very distant, but we have less than three financial years remaining,” he said as he asked the government to release funds on time.

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