Ugandan Christians want their own Marriage law

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The government of Uganda has been petitioned to come up with a new law that protects the interests of its Christian population, in the area of marriage.

The Christian leaders want the new law to address key aspects of marriage in accordance with Christian teachings.

While the Marriage Act of 1914 recognizes “church marriage” to be celebrated “according to the rites or usages of marriages observed in that church, denomination or body” the law is not clear on Christian marriage requirements on things such as divorce and polygamy.

Pastor Joseph Serwadda, the head of the Born Again faiths in Uganda says Christians by virtue of being the majority in the country, deserve a separate law in marriage.

“It is a fact that Christians make up 85% of the Uganda population. But it is also a fact that we are the ones that do not have streamlined laws on marriage,” he said.

That means there is a deliberate plan to destroy Christian Marriage.”

Serwadda believes there are some people within the Christian faith working tirelessly to destroy the institution of marriage, that need to be stopped.

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We are now hearing voices claiming that in the Bible, a person is not forced to marry one woman. Some of those saying that even have Christian names,” said the pastor.

That is why we demand a law about Christian marriage to be passed immediately. Here we have a law on Hindu marriages. How many Hindus do we have here?” he said.

Laws are made to protect interests. Protect our images now. If Catholics say they divorce, why do you want to force them?

The Parliament of Uganda is currently working on a 2022 Marriage bill, which was reintroduced by Hon Sarah Opendi.

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