Ugandans react to Gen Kayihura’s new ‘hustle’ of making yoghurt and gonja crisps

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There has been mixed reaction among Ugandans upon learning that former Inspector General of Police (IGP) General Kale Kayihura has transitioned into the agro-processing industry as he is manufacturing a series of products at his Katebe Business Farm in Kasagama, Lyantonde.

It is reported that at his farm, the once most powerful General oversees a range of agro-processing projects, including banana and gonja plantations, pastures, beekeeping, horticulture, goat, and cattle rearing. He has further ventured into value addition by starting to make products like Katebe Yogurt and Gonja Crisps, which are already available in supermarkets and shops across the country.

The developments have attracted mixed reactions.

@PaulBwengye said, “The market is never saturated or clogged. Your positioning and quality of the product will define and determine your niche against competition. Welcoming the new kid on the block KATEBE YOGURT. Cheers! @KaleKayihura sending you my resume shortly sir!”

“Be careful the way you treat people; you may need them tomorrow,” said George Okiria.

Mukebezi Sarah commented, “We shall support. I love giving Ugandan businesses my money!!!!”

Sylvester Kabombo said, “I think exposing his ownership of the company is not a good idea. It’s better to own it as a proxy.”

Kayihura, who holds the distinction of being Uganda’s longest-serving IGP with a tenure spanning 13 years, has been out of the public spotlight after he was dismissed from his post by President Museveni in March 2018. Following his dismissal, he was subsequently arrested. Before securing his release on bail, Kayihura was charged with failure to safeguard war materials and being involved in aiding and abetting the abduction of Rwandese refugees. However, the charges were dropped in August 2023.

He retreated to a private and subdued life. Also, in 2021, the Uganda Law Council granted him approval to practice law.

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