Victoria University Pays Tribute to Late Former Chancellor Dr. Martin Aliker

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In a somber ceremony held at Victoria University’s premises in Kampala yesterday, faculty, staff, and students gathered to mourn the passing of Dr. Martin Jerome Okec Aliker, the esteemed former Chancellor of the institution. Dr. Aliker’s legacy, spanning decades of service to both the university and the nation, was celebrated amidst a shared sense of loss and gratitude for his contributions.

Aliker was appointed Chancellor in 2013 by the University’s promoter Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia and he held the position until 2019.

The university’s management led by Chancellor Prof John Apuda Asibo paid tribute to the late Aliker who passed away on Monday, April 15, at the age of 95.

The University Secretary, Ms Mary Goretti Katusabe-Ssemwezi, in a poem, hailed Dr Aliker as a distinguished Chancellor who served the university wholeheartedly and will greatly be remembered for his selfless deeds to the country at large.

“Mr Chancellor Sir, You held Victoria University from the cradle, Tenderly as a loving mother and, Steered her out of the labyrinth, You gave it your all, Because you were you. We are because we are a piece of you God favoured us among many and Gave us a Chancellor With a personality more valuable than rhodium A personality so rare yet rearing many, Because you were you,” reads in part the poem titled; ‘Mr. Chancellor Sir, You were You’.

Mrs Ssemwezi further described Dr Aliker as “Son of the Chief, who touched firms and firmly so touched the slave and Master, touched the young and the old, touched the high and mighty, but still remained himself.

“Dr. Aliker was a humble man, with very few conviction stories against him, and with this he ably led the University with great success, when I took over, I could only start from where he left and continue with the values. He had set at pace in the University because after him someone else would go on and take over to continue in the same lineage” Prof Opuda said.

Dr. Lawrence Muganga, the Vice Chancellor of Victoria University, expressed profound sorrow over the departure of Dr. Aliker. “We remember and honor Dr. Aliker for his unwavering commitment, exceptional leadership, and visionary approach that have left indelible marks on our corridors and beyond,” remarked Dr. Muganga. He emphasized Dr. Aliker’s pivotal role in shaping the academic and moral fabric of the university, highlighting his enduring impact on countless individuals.

The ceremony served as a poignant reminder of Dr. Aliker’s remarkable life and legacy. Born in Gulu on October 21, 1928, Dr. Aliker rose to prominence as a distinguished dental surgeon, businessman, and community leader in Uganda. His multifaceted career included serving as a senior adviser to the President of Uganda and sitting on the board of directors of nearly 40 Ugandan companies.

“Thank you, Dr. Aliker, for your immense service and for teaching us the values of dedication and excellence,” expressed Dr. Muganga, echoing the sentiments of the university community. “Your spirit will forever resonate within the university and continue to inspire future generations.”

President Yoweri Museveni granted Aliker an official state burial.

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