Zahara Totto lands new TV job at StarTimes’ Makula KiKa Television

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Zahara Totto, alias DJ Zato, has landed a new TV job at StarTimes’ Makula KiKa Television. Zahara will be starting her new role this evening at 8 p.m. She will double as a presenter and DJ of the show dubbed ‘Vybe Ku Vybe’.

The show will mainly feature local celebrities across different fields of entertainment, fashion, and the hottest topics in the country.

“Joining the Makula KiKa team is like a dream come true. I have always wanted a platform that offers me the freedom to express my art. I started with Hello Mr. Right on this channel and I am very optimistic KiKa will give Ugandans the best of DJ Zato,” said Zahara Totto, who left NBS TV earlier this year, a station she joined in 2018.

Stefien Wang, Content Director at StarTimes, said, “The addition of Vybe Ku Vybe to the menu is part of our efforts to make Makula KiKa the best variety channel in the country.”

He added, “The show will air Monday to Thursday at 8 p.m., then the Miss Uganda show will close the week from Friday to Sunday at the same time. We are thrilled to serve our customers with heavy premium shows.”

StarTimes is making various changes at their Makula Kika channel.

“We are very proud to have such top quality talent on Makula KiKa. With her infectious energy and passion for storytelling, DJ Zato will serve Makula Kika viewers with a fresh perspective and excitement,” said Shillah Nazziwa, Station Manager.

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